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Frequently Asked Questions









On street parking is very limited near Christopher Mello’s garden at 307 Waynesville Ave for the opening ceremony.

Ample parking is available close by at:

Asheville Preschool – 441 Haywood Rd

Crossfit – 438 Haywood Rd

And do not block the gate to the supply yard at Builders Supply (hint hint) on Haywood Rd.


Westwood Baptist Church at 150 Westwood Pl. has plenty of parking to get you closer to the gardens at the far end of the loop on this year’s stroll.

Is this garden tour appropriate for children?

Children are very welcome in our West Asheville gardens!  As a matter of fact, one of our goals is to inspire and enable parents and kids to get involved in gardening, both in community endeavors and at home.

We ask that children be supervised in the gardens, for their own safety and with respect to the home owners.  Please be especially aware of your children around ponds, garden art made of hard materials, walls and slopes.

Can I bring my dog on the stroll?

Please leave your pooch at home.  With respect to the garden owners, their own pets, as well as the visitors on the tour, everyone will be much more comfortable.  Stop at the Westend Bakery to pick up some organic dog treats though and you won’t be coming home empty handed!

Can I show my garden next year?

We’re happy and proud to be in West Asheville and it’s wonderful to see so many beautiful gardens!  Now in its third year, the West Asheville Garden Stroll continues to slowly grow. Currently the stroll team clusters gardens in selected neighborhoods of West Asheville to keep the stroll walkable and manageable for the small group of volunteers to put on. These clusters move from year to year to showcase more of the diverse community of West Asheville.

If you would like to have your garden on a future stroll please contact us at Chances are good the garden stroll will be in your neighborhood soon.

Cars in neighborhoods

We recommend that you use the centralized parking that will be available near the featured neighborhoods. The garden stroll is exceedingly walkable and bikeable this year.

West Asheville Baptist Church on Haywood Rd. has ample parking for the library opening ceremony and garden stroll check in. Ample parking is available at Grace Baptist Church at 718 Haywood Rd and West Asheville Park at 198 Vermont Ave for the garden clusters. Limited parking will be available at Rainbow Mountain Children’s School, 574 Haywood Rd.

Each cluster of gardens makes for a relatively easy stroll through the neighborhoods. Walking offers more opportunity to explore West Asheville and to see walk by sites that are not featured gardens on the tour. Bicycle riding is also highly encouraged.

The West Asheville Garden Stroll is a rare chance to intimately experience the great outdoors of our urban environment that so often goes unnoticed.

Do you have recommendations for clothing?

Most importantly, wear appropriate shoes.  While all our gardens are in the city, some have slopes, pathway surfaces vary and  others have water features which may cause the surrounding walkways to be slippery.

Watch the weather for the day of the stroll. Local folks know this, but if you’re coming here from out of town for the stroll, be sure to have an extra layer of clothes  for easy adjustments to temperature changes.

Sunscreen is always a good idea and be sure to carry water or pack a small beverage cooler in your car.

Is the stroll canceled if it rains?

Here in Asheville, it’s pretty much impossible to predict the weather.  Often times, we get everything in the course of a single day.  If it rains on the day of the stroll, we’re having it anyways!  Bring an umbrella or raincoat and enjoy the lush gardens.  More than likely, the rain will give way to sun anyways.