Past Strolls

We’ve been having West Asheville Garden Strolls since 2009.

Here are some testimonials from happy participants:

My husband and I visited West Asheville for the first time, specifically to participate in the garden tour. We had no idea we would spend three delightful hours, walking among the various neighborhoods, seeing the unusual garden ideas. The weather contributed to the experience, of course, but the best part was seeing how creative gardeners can be. I hope this was the first of many annual garden tours in your area.  We plan to return to West Asheville soon to visit Sunny Pointe Café.
Cynthia Hall Ouzts  Columbia, SC

Couldn’t make it to all of the gardens but VERY enjoyable with the ones we did see!! Thanks to all gardeners/home owners for sharing their beautiful & hard-earned areas. Hope you’ll make it an annual event (& might encourage other neighborhoods to do the same).
Sam Speciale & Linda Smathers

You all did a wonderful job! What I found most enjoyable about the stroll was that these were all real gardens tended by real gardeners and were not the landscapes of home owners. This from a man who has been in the professional landscaping business for over twenty years.
Christopher Carrie

My friends and I all felt so Blessed to share in the experience of your magnificent creations. We were enchanted by your Elemental Forces, awed by your Artistry, and uplifted with your Joy. Thank you for your Selfless sharing of the many wonders of your Selves with all of us, Dear Ones!
Gail, And for Dean, Dianne, Margaret, Joanne, Liz, and Lynn!

It certainly made my day to see your beautiful creative space. I am inspired!
Mary Ellen Ensign