2015 Grant Recipients

Burton Street Community Peace Gardens
This educational project expands the native plant collection in the Peace Gardens and creates labels for all of the native plants (including trees) in and around the gardens.  The goal is to help educate area residents about the biodiversity in our region and its value.  Seed Grant funds will be used both to buy native plants and materials needed for durable signage.

Flora, 428 B Haywood Rd,
This very visible beautification project expands previous efforts to plant and tend medians at the intersection of Haywood and Westwood.  With help from the Seed Grant for soil and mulch as well as annuals and bulbs, all four beds there will take on coordinated appearance, making the area more attractive for foot traffic.

Gardens United, Pisgah View Apartments
This community gardening project focuses on community gardens as educational and economic opportunities, using organic practices to grow affordable and healthy food.  Workshops about sowing seeds, growing, harvesting, and also cooking will encourage participation.  Seed Grant money supports the purchase of fertilizer and a variety of seeds or starts.

Hall Fletcher Elementary School
This project both completes an education program and supports fundraising for its continuation.  In the Spring, after raising herbs and vegetable while learning gardening skills, botany, and good eating habits, Hall Fletcher students plan for and host a “Student Run Farmer’s Market,” selling plant starts after school.  Seed Grant funds will buy the germination mix used.

Hands Enriching Lives Positively, 170 Fayettesville Street
This community enrichment project at St. Paul’s Baptist Church involves building a useful focal point for a community garden, specifically a tool shed that will also help collect rainwater.  The Seed Grant funds here will be sufficient to buy the gutters and rain barrels needed.  This shed and the garden it supports are intended to bring people together, developing team work and/or leadership skills.

Hands of Sean Perry Company, 250 Haywood Road
This beautification project involves 2 galvanized steel stock tanks to be placed in the parking lot, parallel to the sidewalk.  With partial support of Seed Grant funds to buy the tanks as well as seeds and plants from local sources, these tanks will be made into planters and filled with sun-loving plants, including herbs, sunflowers, and zinnias.

Short Street Cakes Cake Shop, 227 Haywood Road
This beautification project intends to raise edible plant and wildflowers that will support the store’s vision of lovingly crafting a fresh, from-scratch, local product for the enjoyment of our community.  In addition to the plants desired, the Seed Grant money will go to purchase bags of humus, manure, and mushroom compost for healthy, organic gardening.

Villagers, 278 Haywood Road
This beautification project improves the appearance of the corner at Haywood and Wellington Roads, using evergreens and edible planting.  These additions are part of a larger plan to add a bike rack, a staircase for access and safety, and a permanent picnic bench for public use.  Seed Grant money provides modest support for this transformation.